How We Approach Our Work  




Professional Services

Outreach + Facilitation
Facilitated Discussions (for a few or a few hundred)
Surveys, Interviews, and Synthesis Reports
Public Presentations
Consensus Building Workshops--Planning + Execution
Education Workshops
Community Charrettes

Project Development
Needs Identification
Team/Discipline/Functional Unit Identification
Structure + Timeline Design
Facilitated Discussions
Idea Integration into Coherent Narrative
Brand Development
Project Design + Implementation Plans
Presentation Development

Comprehensive Facilities Master Plans / Management Plans
Heritage Landscapes
Office/Industrial Developments
Civic Complexes
K-12 and Collegiate Campuses
Corporate Campuses
Park Systems
Riverway Systems (Blueways/ Greenways)
Arboreta and Community Gardens

Urban Design
Downtown Assessments and Plans
Revitalization Plans and Redevelopment Properties
Urban Infill

Garden Design
Plaza and Terrace Design
Walk/Steps/Ramp/Wall Design
Planting Design
Grading Design
Water/Stormwater Design
Fountain Design



Land Use Planning
Historical /Interpretive Landscapes
New Towns / Mixed Use Developments
Single and Multi Family Residential Plans
Regional Strategy Plans
Ecosystem Protection Plans

Site Assessment
Existing Conditions Plans and Assessments
Ecological Evaluations
Preliminary Programming "Fit" Analyses

Municipal Utility Plans
Conceptual Stormwater Master Plans
Viewshed Studies and Plans
Powerline Screening/Viewshed Master Plans

Natural System Protection Plans
Ecological Analysis Plans
Regulatory Compliance Research
Landscape Rehabilitation Strategies
Ecological Consultant Selection

Ongoing Site Maintenance and Development
Construction Observation and Administration
Post-Construction Design Consultancy

Grant Writing
Proposal Development
Funding Acquisition Assistance
Landscape Critiques and Essays
Project Reports
Project Brochures
Project Website Design and Consultant Liaison

Technical Documents
Construction Drawings
Regulatory Applications / Submittals
Maintenance Plans and Manuals

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