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Parks, Gardens, and Public / Semi-Public Landscapes


Applied Ecology

  Communities--whether rural, intensely urban, or somewhere in between such as campuses--are replete with complications and sometimes oppositional camps. We relish working within multidisciplinary teams that take systemic approaches toward making the merely complicated into complex yet also comprehensible + connected systems--a sum of parts that is both functional and beautiful.

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Public spaces are critical elements in our communities. They are places that help us understand the world we live in, our places in that world, and our relationships with other people. We take fulfilling this charge very seriously and seek to create gardens and plazas that bring opportunities for learning and for people to bring their own ideas to these landscapes.

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  Completing ecological analyses should be the backbone and the framework for any middle- to large-scale development. Otherwise, the only natural systems will be degraded, destroyed, and with little hope for regeneration. We consider natural systems identification and analysis our first job and let our clients know how it should significantly affect the form and program of the project.

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